Bovine Albumin 35% Solution, MP Biomedicals, LLC


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IC810061 IC810063
Bovine Albumin 35% Solution, MP Biomedicals, LLC
Proteins and Peptides
Albumins are a group of acidic proteins which occur plentifully in the body fluids and tissues of mammals and in some plant seeds.

  • Osmolality: Reported
  • Sodium: 0.8 g/dL
  • Specific gravity: Reported
  • Refractive Index: Reported
  • Optical rotation: [a]259: -61°; [a]264: -63° (Lit.)
  • Isoelectric point (pl): In water at 25 °C: Endogenous Material - 4.7; 4.9; Fatty Acid Depleted - 5.3(Lit.)
  • Sterile
  • Material prepared from bovine albumin fractionated and purified from bovine plasma or serum
  • Collected from USDA approved facilities

Albumin is used to solubilize lipids, and is also used as a blocking agent in Western blots or ELISA applications. Globulin free albumins are suitable for use in applications where no other proteins should be present (e.g., electrophoresis).
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