Distillation Apparatus, Vacuum Jacketed, Ace Glass

Supplier: Ace Glass

9325-06 6562-05
89074-390EA 1249.21 USD
89074-390 89055-624
Distillation Apparatus, Vacuum Jacketed, Ace Glass
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This apparatus is a compact fractionation unit for distilling small quantities in a vacuum, and for ordinary separation

By use of the three-way stopcocks, a manifold arrangement is achieved, making it possible to remove receivers without disturbing the equilibrium of the system. Standard taper 10/30 thermometer joints are for use with 25mm immersion thermometers. Fabricated from borosilicate glass.

Column, including top joint, is vacuum jacketed. The indents are positioned to cause the vapor to follow a spiral path, adding to the efficiency of the unit. Approximately three theoretical plates at 60mL/hr. Hold up to 1. 2mL operating, 0.5mL static. Receiver capacity is 15mL.
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