ACE® C8 Ultra-Inert, 3 and 5 µm, Analytical HPLC Columns, USP – L7, Mac Mod

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101666-394EA 870.75 USD
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ACE® C8 Ultra-Inert, 3 and 5 µm, Analytical HPLC Columns, USP – L7, Mac Mod
Chromatography Columns
ACE® C8 uses a proprietary bonding and end-capping process to produce a very rugged and robust octyl (C8) phase

The ultra-inert characteristics of the ACE® Columns make them the ideal choice for separating polar, moderately polar, and non-polar analytes including uncharged acids and bases, strong acids or bases in un-ionized form or in ionized form using an ion-pair modifier. ACE® columns consistently produce measurably better peak shape and column efficiency when separating troublesome compounds.

ACE® C8 is available in 3 micron and 5 micron particles sizes. ACE® C8 has a surface area of 300 m2/g and a carbon load of 9.0%. ACE® C8 has a recommended pH range of 2-8. Working outside these ranges will reduce column lifetime. ACE® C8 is also available for UHPLC applications under the brand name ACE® EXCEL C8 2 micron UHPLC columns.

ACE® C8 has an increased bonding density as compared to ACE® C18. ACE® columns are manufactured using ultra-pure based-deactivated silica that has extremely low silanol activity. This ultra-pure silica is efficiently bonded and exhaustively end-capped using proprietary technology. The result is a silica based stationary phase that has virtually eliminated the negative effects of silanols on chromatographic separations

Ordering information: ACE® C8 columns have two options for pre-column guard systems. One is a stand-alone guard holder which needs the guard cartridge pack (See the Accessories tab) that matches the analytical column ID size that is chosen and needs a column coupler. Most customers use the integral guard system. Guard cartridge 5-packs are sold separately. (See the Accessories tab.)
Part number 101666-620 is shipped in Acetonitrile.
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