UVP iBox® Explorer² Imaging Microscope, Analytik Jena

Supplier: Analytik Jena

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UVP iBox® Explorer² Imaging Microscope, Analytik Jena
The iBox Explorer2 Imaging Microscope offers a complete system for macro to micro optical in vivo imaging and analysis for research applications. Detect fluorescent markers in a whole mouse or down to the individual cell level. System allows seamless navigation through the magnification ranges from 0.17x to 16.5x.

  • Darkroom: 17.5×19.5×41", joystick controlled

The system integrates optics which are designed to transition from the macroscopic to the microscopic scale, with deeper interrogation of a fluorescent signal in real time. The 3.2 MP cooled camera is extendable to 9.6 MP. The camera has a 2184 x 1472 pixel resolution with cooling of -60° C from ambient.

Scientists imaging whole animals for tumor tracking or biodistribution will be able to "dive deeper" into the animal in order to investigate biological phenomena at the cellular level.

The integrated eLITE Xe light source provides bright illumination for multispectral fluorescent, visible and NIR excitation. The eLITE Xe houses a 150-watt xenon lamp that supplies brilliant excitation of fluorescent probes for a variety of applications. The eLITE Xe includes an eight-position filter wheel for placement of excitation filters and convenient switching between experiments and multiplexing applications.

The iBox Explorer2 captures detailed images of tissues and cells with the leading-edge cooled scientific grade CCD camera. VisionWorks®LS software automates research with total system control and allows easy creation of templates for reproducible and consistent results. The software Is loaded on a computer which is included with the system.

Applications include tumor shedding, tumor growth and tracking, biodistribution, metastases, hematogenous and intralymphatic trafficking and extravasation.

Certifications: CSA Listed.

Ordering information: iBox Explorer2 Imaging Microscope includes darkroom cabinet, CCD camera and lens, magnification range, emission and excitation filters, joystick for X/Y/Z stage positioning, warming plate, eLITE XE MultiSpectral Light Source, VisionWorks®LS Acquisition and Analysis Software, and computer.
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