GEMINI™ Portable Dry Vacuum Pumps, Welch®

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GEMINI™ Portable Dry Vacuum Pumps, Welch®
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Lab or field usage

Bring instant vacuum with you, anywhere. Welch's GEMINI™ pumps are powered by DC motors, with adapters for either 12V vehicle plug ins or AC electrical outlets.

Use GEMINI™ pumps in the field for sampling and preparative procedures. Other uses include filtration, degassing, and desiccation. Quiet pumps achieve 190 torr with up to 13 l/min free air displacement.

GEMINI™ pumps are oil-free with enhanced chemical resistance–use with many solvents and weak acids/bases. Fume contact surfaces are polyarlyamide and perfluoroelastomer.

Caution: Not recommended for fumes including ketones and strong acid/bases. See DryFast pumps for harsh chemical applications. Not recommended for rotary evaporator, concentrator, or vacuum oven applications. Contact your VWR representative for more information.

Powerful and economical. Advanced chemical resistance.

Certifications: CE marked.

Ordering information: Supplied with 12V car adapter. For convenient vacuum readout and regulation, order Model 2060.
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