Air Sampling Cane with Funnel, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: Ace Glass
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89083-166EA 927.45 USD
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Air Sampling Cane with Funnel, Ace Glass Incorporated
The air sampling cane is fabricated from borosilicate glass.

The air sampling cane is equipped with a funnel at one end to prevent water droplets from collecting at the edge and being sucked into the manifold train. A bulge ("W") located above the funnel is designed for inserting glass wool (or similar material) to allow for filtering of particulates. This piece is normally installed outside the van, and is connected at the roof with a roof attachment. Inside the van, it is then connected to the manifold train with a bush with the Size 25 or 50.

Ordering information: Available with or without a side sample port. Note: if the cane needs to be mounted higher above the roof than the "L" measurement (illustrated) will allow, order an air sampling manifold (these must be special ordered), provide the desired I.D., "N" length, and identify it as an "extension cane". Contact your Avantor representative for details.
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