Low Form Zirconium Crucibles, Kitco Metals Inc.

Supplier: XRF Scientific

ZLF25 ZLF45 ZLF30 ZLF50 ZLF100 ZLF20 ZLF35
89401-370EA 151.06 USD
89401-370 89401-378 89401-372 89401-380 89401-386 89401-368 89401-374
Low Form Zirconium Crucibles, Kitco Metals Inc.
Zirconium's distinctive properties make it a popular choice for fusions and fluxes in analytical chemistry and chemical processing.

These low form Zirconium crucibles are highly resistant to corrosion, and do not require handling with platinum tipped tongs. They can be cleaned with most common agents (except hydrofluoric acid), and suffer little to no attack or oxidation. Zirconium crucibles are resistant to melts of alkali carbonates, hydroxides, peroxides, borates, nitrate chlorides, and some fluorides. This construction virtually eliminates the problem of sample contamination. Lids are available upon request.

Ordering information: Lids are sold separately.
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