Kuderna-Danish Evaporative Concentrator, with Springs, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: ACE GLASS, INC.

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89055-904EA 43.95 USD
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Kuderna-Danish Evaporative Concentrator, with Springs, Ace Glass Incorporated
This Kuderna-Danish evaporative apparatus is used to concentrate materials in volatile solvents

It combines rapidity, simplicity, and quantitative efficiency, including the minimization of entrainment escape and transfer losses. The flask has a [ST] 19/22 inner joint on the bottom, and a reinforced [ST] 24/40 outer joint on top. The flask also comes complete with 89061-668 stainless steel springs used to connect it to the receiver. Receivers have [ST] 19/22 outer joint at top for connection to flask bottom. Column has a [ST] 24/40 reinforced outer joint at top, and a [ST] inner joint at bottom for connection to the flask. All components (except springs) are fabricated from borosilicate glass.

Ordering information: To obtain a complete item, purchase (separately) a 89055-650 Snyder distillation column, 250mL or 500mL flask, receiver (graduated or not graduated), and 89062-852 solid glass stopper.
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