Regulator, Line, Diaphragm, Stainless Steel, Rotarex

SI1044 SI10116
89130-364EA 1062.33 USD
89130-364 89130-366
Regulator, Line, Diaphragm, Stainless Steel, Rotarex
Gas Regulators
Designed as a second stage line regulator for laboratory applications such as: gas delivery to inductive plasma spectrometer, protection and support gas for chromatograph, environmental emission monitoring, industrial hygiene or safety monitors and trace impurity analyzers.

As a second level of regulation, will supply a precise outlet pressure to the process. It can be used for many applications that need a high flow. Flexible wall or panel mounting possible with its compact design, the rear threads and fixing ring.

Pressure control with Balanced-Valve Technology: the effect of inlet pressure fluctuations on outlet pressure are minimized. BV-technology delivers an exceptionally stable outlet pressure and flow even with high flow line regulators. Longer useful regulator lifetime and lower total ownership cost.

Ordering information: Additional outlet pressures and flow rates available; contact your VWR sales representative for more information.
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