DNA Ladder, 1 kb plus, Thermo Scientific

101375-596EA 153.28 USD
DNA Ladder, 1 kb plus, Thermo Scientific
The 1kb Plus DNA Ladder is a set of 14 easy-to-remember band sizes for use in qualitative agarose gel analysis ranging in size from 12kb down to 100bp

6X DNA Loading Buffer (BXF) with bromophenol blue and xylene cyanol FF is included for convenience to prepare DNA samples for agarose gel electrophoresis.

Fragments: 12 kb; 10 kb; 8 kb; 6 kb; 4 kb; 3 kb; 2 kb; 1.5 kb; 1 kb; 500 bp; 400 bp; 300 bp; 200 bp; 100 bp.

To Use: Add 5μl ladder mix per gel lane.

Two high intensity reference bands of 4kb and 500bp are included. The ladder is supplied in ready-to-load form in gel loading buffer. Simply add the recommended amount (5μl) for highly resolved bands.
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