VWR® Alcohol Proof – Ethyl Alcohol Hydrometers, Traceable to NIST

Supplier: VWR
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VWR® Alcohol Proof – Ethyl Alcohol Hydrometers, Traceable to NIST
For use in determining proof ethyl alcohol spirits.

  • 300 mm (12”) long
  • Lead free ballast and glass
  • Made according to the Bureau of Internal Revenue, U.S. Treasury Department, the tolerances listed for these hydrometers are those outlined in Circular 555 of the National Bureau of Standards, Testing of Hydrometers
  • Individually serialized
  • Temperature standardization: 60 °F (15 °C)
  • Hand inspected by our U.S. quality team

A certificate is provided to indicate instrument traceability to standards provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Certifications: Traceable to NIST.

Ordering information: Units do not come automatically calibrated.

Packaging: Packaged with a multi-language (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) Statement of Accuracy indicating accuracy traceable to NIST.

Caution: Hydrometers should be stored in a clean, dry, safe place, and should not be subjected to extreme temperatures.
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