Shake Flask Assembly, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: Ace Glass
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89078-228EA 334.24 USD
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Shake Flask Assembly, Ace Glass Incorporated
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This assembly is used for determining CO² evolution to assess biodegradability by soil and sewerage microorganisms

The shake flask, containing culture medium, fits standard laboratory shakers. It has a #7 Ace-Thred side port, with a nylon bushing and FETFE O-Ring, that holds a glass septum adapter. Insertion of this septum allows for easier sampling or aeration while system is closed. Adapter can easily be removed for septa change. An Inner well contains culture material (Barium Hydroxide, etc.), and has a capacity of 10mL plus head space. A side hole in the well permits good interface of vapors. The well is held securely in a #25 Ace-Thred, with nylon bushing and FETFE O-Ring, that permits variable depth positioning. The well top is flared to accept septa, which can be removed or pierced to permit venting for aerating of culture media. One well fits all size vessels.

Ordering information: Available as a complete item consisting of flask, well, septa adapter, septa for adapter (#7, 89064-960) and well (#15, 89064-970 or #25, 89064-976) and bushings (#7, 89051-122 and #15, 89059-220 or #25, 89059-226) with FETFE O-Rings (#7, size -008, 89060-958 and #15, size -110, 89059-220 or #25, size -212, 89061-016). Individual components may also be purchased separately.
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