Trubore® Bearing with Hose Connection, Ace-Thred, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: ACE GLASS, INC.

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89082-926EA 242.55 USD
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Trubore® Bearing with Hose Connection, Ace-Thred, Ace Glass Incorporated
Stirrers Overhead Stirrers Stirring Tools
This self-aligning, lubricant-free PTFE Trubore® bearing is designed for use with stainless steel or glass 10 mm stirring shafts

  • The lock nut permits stirring in either direction without fear of unthreading
  • The compression saddle with O-Ring maintains constant force with little attention
  • Accepts vacuum down to 1 mm
  • Not recommended for use with precision ground glass shafts
  • Fabricated from borosilicate glass

An added side port hose connection enables the purging of flask contents with a gas, or allows for an inert gas blanket in airless work.

Delivery information: Available as a complete item, or individual components may be purchased separately. The complete item includes threaded glass body/adapter, 89061-854 PTFE inner bearing, 89061-864 glass-filled PTFE bushing, 89061-868 PTFE lock nut, and 89061-870 Rulon compression saddle with O-Ring. Use with glass stirring shafts such as, 89061-960 or 89061-970 (among others). For replacement size -014 FETFE bearing O-Rings, see 89060-976 series. For size -111 replacement compression saddle O-Ring, see 89060-988 series. The glass body/adapter is also available without the side hose connection. Contact your VWR representative for details.
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