Rapid Preparative Chromatography System, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: ACE GLASS, INC.

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Rapid Preparative Chromatography System, Ace Glass Incorporated
Chromatography Columns
This rapid preparative chromatography system is suitable for use at pressures up to 50 psig

This device is available with either a brass or borosilicate glass manifold. The brass manifold has three ⅛" NPT female threads for connection to reservoir, a brass pressure relief valve, and Swagelok tubing connector for connecting to a pressure line. The fourth thread is a ⅛" NPT adapted to ¼" NPT for connecting to a 0-60 psig, 2-½" diameter pressure gauge.

The glass manifold has two #7 Ace-Threds: one for connecting a pressure line directly using a nylon bushing with PTFE ball for quick disconnect; the other has a nylon-to-PTFE fitting for connecting a brass pressure relief valve. The lower is #15 Ace-Thred for direct connection to the reservoir using a reducer coupling, #15-25 Ace-Thred. The top #15 Ace-Thred on the glass manifold accepts a threaded nylon or PTFE fitting for connection to a pressure gauge.

Available with 25mm or 50mm I.D. glass column, 300mm effective length, with corresponding Ace-Threds. The adapter at bottom of the column is nylon or PTFE with a “pop-in” polyethylene packing support, 100 micron porosity maximum, and a Luer-Lok fitting takeoff. The reservoir is 2000mL or 3000mL capacity, epoxy coated for safety, pressure tested, with #25 Ace-Threds top and bottom. Connection to the column is via nylon or PTFE coupling. The fitting at top of reservoir is nylon or PTFE, with a ⅛" NPT female thread to accept a Swagelok quick connect-disconnect fitting that in turn connects to the manifold; manifold attaches directly to reservoir using a nylon or PTFE reducer coupling.

Ordering information: CAUTION: Care should be taken when using glass under pressure. Operation behind a shield is highly recommended. Complete system (brass manifold) consists of brass manifold, pressure gauge, brass connector ⅛" NPT to ⅛" O.D. tubing, brass connector ⅛" O.D. tubing to ¼" NPT female, quick connect-disconnect fitting, pressure relief valve, nylon connector #25 to ⅛" NPT female, epoxy coated reservoir, nylon coupling with FETFE O-rings, column, end fitting with FETFE O-ring and ten feet of ⅛" O.D. PTFE tubing. Complete system (glass manifold) consists of glass manifold, pressure gauge, nylon bushing #15 to ¼" NPT female, nylon bushing #7 with PTFE ball, brass connector ⅛" O.D. tubing to ¼" NPT female, pressure relief valve, two nylon couplings, with FETFE O-rings, epoxy coated reservoir, column, nylon end fitting and ten feet of ⅛" O.D. PTFE tubing. Components are also available separately.
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