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These PCR tubes are made of high-quality virgin polypropylene and feature uniform thin walls for efficient heat transfer. Tubes and caps are compatible with most leading thermal cyclers, and are autoclavable. Caps, available as either flat or domed, fit perfectly and create a uniform, tight seal that prevents sample evaporation in the thermal cycler. Tubes are nonpyrogenic and RNase- and DNase-free. Certain models feature assorted packs of color-coded tubes for easy identification of samples.

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8-Tube Strips with Attached Cap Strip

Catalog Number: 89400-698
Supplier: Brandtech

Cap Strips-8

Description: Cap Strips-8, Flat, With eight microcaps for 0.1 and 0.2 mL wells, Easy and rapid sealing of twin.tec PCR Plates, PCR strips and other standard multiwell plates, For real-time PCR, Autoclavable, 120 tube strips
Catalog Number: 75874-710
Supplier: Eppendorf

Neptune* Micro Tube Strips

Description: 0.2ml, 8 Strip Tubes without caps. Assorted colors. 125 strips per pack, 10 packs per case.
Catalog Number: 89092-046
Supplier: Biotix

PCR 8-strip 0.15mL volume/tube, individually attached flat caps, Clear, Suitable for Qpcr, Rigid

Description: 8-Tube Rigid Strips with Individual Attached Caps
Catalog Number: 76183-188
Supplier: Brandtech

0.2 mL PCR Tube

Catalog Number: 80087-108
Supplier: Brandtech

Plate Pcr 384-Well 480 Wt

Description: Fits Roche Lightcycler 480 Pcr System. Opaque Wells Prevent Well-To-Well Light Contamination. White Finish Amplifies Signal. Designed To Sbs Standards For Robotic Handling. 30¦l Wells. Sequence Can Be Specified. 2 Packs Of 50 Plates Per Case (100 Total).
Catalog Number: 89108-092
Supplier: Sorenson Bioscience

0.5 mL PCR Tube

Catalog Number: 80087-120
Supplier: Brandtech

Real-time* PCR Tube Strips

Description: Extremely thin wall for optimal heat transfer combined with high mechanical stability. White reflective wells allow use of lower sample volume, less reagents, and increased homogeneity among replicates. Ideal tube strips for any real-time PCR reaction. Caps not included.
Catalog Number: 89094-212
Supplier: Eppendorf

Product available on GSA Advantage®


Description: Cap PCR 8-Strip Flat, Clear, for PCR plates 781377/781378, Polypropylene, DNase/RNase-, DNA-free, pack of 300
Catalog Number: 10755-234
Supplier: Brandtech

PCR Tube Strips

Description: 0.2mL, 8- tube strips are made of white plastic for optimized signal in real time qPCR. Handle on end facilitates handling. Pack of 125 strips
Catalog Number: 89135-432
Supplier: Brandtech

PCR Tube 0.2ml

Description: PCR Tube, Grade: Forensic DNA, Color: Colorless, Contamination shield on hinged lid, Defined lid position, High transparency, Etched lid for labeling, Tight sealing, Easy to open, For use with all thermal cyclers, Free from human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors, Size: 0.2ml
Catalog Number: 76019-010
Supplier: Eppendorf

PCR Tube Strips 0.1ml

Description: PCR Tube Strips, PCR clean, Without lids, 8 reaction tubes in strip-format, ideal for small sample volumes, Easily adaptable for automation, Sealable, Free from human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors, Size: 0.1ml, 120 tube strip
Catalog Number: 75874-702
Supplier: Eppendorf

Neptune* PCR Tubes

Description: Clear thin wall (0.2ml) tubes. Pre-sterilized. Domed caps included. 1000 tubes per pack, 10 packs per case.
Catalog Number: 89092-042
Supplier: Biotix

HotStart PCR PreMix

Catalog Number: 95027-520
Supplier: Bioneer

PCR low profile Tube Strip

Description: PCR low profile Tube Strip with Individual Attached Cap, Color: white, Material: polypropylene, Tube Volume: 0.15mL, Number of Strips: 8, Cap Type: Flat Cap, Extra-thin wall dimensions, Uniformly colored with titanium dioxide (TiO2), for use in common thermal cyclers
Catalog Number: 10799-767
Supplier: Brandtech

MulTI* ultraStrips

Description: Color: red. Sterile. Thin-walled. Dual connectors between the reaction tubes and caps. The 8x0.2mL format fits precisely in thermal cycler blocks for uniform heat transfer. Includes matching cap strips for added convenience. Certified RNase, DNase-free. Autoclavable.
Catalog Number: 53550-128
Supplier: Sorenson Bioscience

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