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Transparent microplates are designed for specific analytical research and clinical diagnostic assaying. With high throughput, these assay plates work well with both liquid and dry powder samples. With excellent chemical resistance and ability to withstand extended low temperature storage or heated for evaporation and sterilization processes, these versatile microtiter plates may also come treated for optimal cell binding and growth to occur. Choose from standard matrix formats and well volumes to fit testing needs.

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Supplier: Corning
Description: These plates are designed for a variety of high throughput screening applications.
Supplier: Corning
Description: These flat-bottom microplates are ideal for high throughput determination of nucleic acids and protein concentration

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Supplier: Corning
Description: These 96-well tissue culture treated polystyrene plates are designed with raised wells and inter-well spacing to reduce cross-contamination
Supplier: BD
Description: Storage plates are ideal for automated storing, archiving, and transporting chemicals
Supplier: Thermo Scientific
Description: Designed for many applications, including high throughput screening
Supplier: Corning
Description: Assay plates manufactured from 99.9% pure virgin polypropylene
Supplier: Greiner Bio-One
Description: 96-Well PCR Microplates are manufactured out of medical-grade polypropylene and are compatible with a wide range of thermal cyclers.
Supplier: Corning
Description: The ultra-low attachment surface is a covalently bound hydrogel layer that is hydrophilic and neutrally charged
Supplier: Corning
Description: Ideal for most commonly used cell based and biochemical assays.
Supplier: Corning
Description: Axygen® Deep Well and Assay plates are used for sample collection, in vitro growth chambers, and long-term storage.
Supplier: Corning
Description: Inserts provide independent access to the basolateral and apical domains of polar cells for transport studies, cell migration, and invasion studies
Supplier: BD
Description: These polystyrene plates have a consistent tissue culture surface chemistry produced by using vacuum-gas plasma treatment
Supplier: Corning
Description: Permeable supports for HTS (high throughput screening) applications are excellent for ADMET screening, drug transport, and other assays
Supplier: Corning
Description: These Corning® BioCoat™ Collagen I Cellware consists of a family of collagen-coated cultureware products including inserts, micro and multiwell plates...
Supplier: Greiner Bio-One
Description: These 384-well microplates are manufactured from ClearChoice™ virgin polypropylene resin and produced with uniform external dimensions and tolerances ...
Supplier: Greiner Bio-One
Description: Polystyrene half area microplates are compatible with manual and automated pipetting, and dispensing and reading devices used with standard 96-well pl...
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Stock for this item is limited, but may be available in a warehouse close to you. Please make sure that you are logged in to the site so that available stock can be displayed. If the call is still displayed and you need assistance, please call us at 1-800-932-5000.
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