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Precisely monitor temperatures in freezers, water baths, heating blocks, incubators, and refrigerators with these digital thermometers. Digital displays are simple to read and also deliver the highest and lowest temperature readings. Waterproof models are ideal for wet labs, wash-down areas, and field applications. Temperatures may be switched to °C or °F, and all models are incredibly versatile and easy to recalibrate. Units boast extreme temperature ranges and update readings in set short intervals.

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VWR* Thermometer with Clock and Humidity Monitor

Description: VWR* Thermometer with Clock and Humidity Monitor Displays all three measurements. Measures ambient temperatures in [degree]C and F. Humidity range: 20-90%. High/low temperature and humidity memory. NIST traceable. 10.8Wx5.7Hx1.3Dcm.
Catalog Number: 62344-734
Supplier: VWR International

VWR* Traceable* -100.0 Platinum Freezer Thermometer

Description: -99.9 To 199.9 C. Accuracy Is ¦(0.5% + 0.5 C). Resolution Is 0.1Degree. Thermometer Size Is 2-3/4 X 4-1/4 X 3/4 inches And Weight Is 4-1/4. Probe Dimensions: Probe Length Is 10 Feet And 1/8 inch Diameter. Nist.
Catalog Number: 36934-160
Supplier: VWR International

VWR* Thermometer

Description: Displays current, minimum and maximum temperatures. Captures minimum/maximum occurred time/date. Range: -40 to 80[degree]C. LCD display. NIST traceable. Includes sensor with 183cm cable (can perform underwater), stand, slot for wall mounting, Velcro* and battery. 9Hx9Wx2.4Dcm.
Catalog Number: 62379-549
Supplier: VWR International

VWR* Infrared Thermometer W/ Trigger Grip

Description: Nist. -76 To 932 F And -60 To 500 C. Resolution Is 0.1. Accuracy Is ¦1 C + 2%. Size Is 7 X 2-3/4X 1-1/2 inches. Weight Is 6 Ounces. 7:1 Field Of View. Laser. Min/Max Readings, Average/Difference Readings.
Catalog Number: 36934-178
Supplier: VWR International

VWR* Thermometer

Description: Range: -58 to 158 F(-50 to 70 C). Resolution: 0.01 degree. Accuracy: +/-0.3 C. High-accuracy dual thermometer with bottle probe monitors refrigerator and freezer simultaneously or two refrigerators. Records time and date for min/max readings and has hi/lo alarm.
Catalog Number: 89094-748
Supplier: VWR International

VWR* Digital Thermometers, Panel-Mounted

Description: Panel-mounted digital thermometers feature a sturdy ABS case, a large display, and a low battery indicator. -50 to 70[degree]C . ¦1[degree]C over full range. Supplied with a 1.5V battery and 150cm (5 ft) waterproof cable with probe.
Catalog Number: 82020-064
Supplier: VWR International

VWR* Solar-Powered Thermometer

Description: Is "always on." External 0.5cm diameter sensor and 305cm cable for monitoring temperatures of liquids, air/gas and semi-solids. Reads [degree]C or F. Range: -50 to 70[degree]C. NIST traceable. Includes Velcro*, solar panels, and battery. 7Wx7Hx1.9Dcm.
Catalog Number: 61161-334
Supplier: VWR International

VWR* Waterproof Thermometer

Description: Range: -50 to 300[degree]C. Accuracy: +/- 0.5°C at tested points. 4.4dia.x1.3Dcm. Reads [degree]C or [degree]F. NIST Traceable certificate from an ISO 17025, A2LA accredited calibration laboratory. Includes probe with 3m cable, magnet, suction cups, Velcro* fastener, and battery.
Catalog Number: 46610-024
Supplier: VWR International

VWR* Big Digit Thermometer

Description: Range: -58 to 2000 F and -50 to 1300 C. Resolution: 0.1 degree. Meter only accuracy is +/-0.3% of the reading plus 1 C between -50 to 1000 C. Easy to read big digits measure over 5/8-inch-high and are readable from 15 feet away. Max Hold feature.
Catalog Number: 89094-740
Supplier: VWR International

P-Shaped Digital Thermometer

Description: C/F Switchable, Range -50/280[degree]C and -58/536[degree]F, 200mm Stem Length,On/Off Switch, Stainless Steel Rust Proof Probe complete with probe cover and clip. Data Hold Feature included. Waterproof.
Catalog Number: 82021-164
Supplier: VWR International

VWR* Waterproof Thermometer

Description: Range: -328 to 2372 F and -200 to 1300 C. Resolution: 0.1 degree. Meter only accuracy: +/- 0.3% of the reading plus 1 C between -200 to 1000 C. Waterproof unit and supplied rubber in bootin for probe connector allows the unit to remain waterproof.
Catalog Number: 89094-738
Supplier: VWR International

VWR* HACCP Thermometer

Description: Designed as a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point thermometer. Infrared temp range: -67 to 482 F (-55 to 250 C). Probe range: -67 to 626 F (-55 to 330 C). Resolution: 0.2 C (0.5 F) between -10 and 200. Accuracy between -5 to 65 C for infrared: +/-.6 C ; probe: +/-.5 C.
Catalog Number: 89094-774
Supplier: VWR International

VWR* Traceable* Dual thermometer 2 bottle probe

Catalog Number: 10208-394
Supplier: VWR International

VWR* Digital Thermometer with Recorder Output

Description: Temperature Range: -50 to 1300[degree]C (-50 to 1999[degree]F). Accuracy: +-0.3% of the reading plus 1[degree]C. Maximum and hold button. Supplied with type-K beaded probe, 9-volt battery, and 1mV per degree recorder output jack. NIST Traceable*.
Catalog Number: 77776-726
Supplier: VWR International

°F Thermometer

Catalog Number: 21800-070
Supplier: VWR International

VWR* Thermometer for Refrigerator, Traceable Hi-Accuracy

Catalog Number: 10860-786
Supplier: VWR International
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