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Eppendorf® Reference Single-Channel Variable Volume Pipettors

Supplier: Eppendorf PIPETTE 0.5-10UL ADJ.VOL 2000
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Pipettors provide single-button control of pipetting and tip ejecting. Volume adjustment with locking button allows easy, one-handed volume changes and locks the set volume in place. Set volume is visible during use. Removable tip ejector sleeve provides access to narrow tubes.

Pipettors can be easily serviced and recalibrated in the laboratory. The digital display is accessible through an opening in the top housing and can be adjusted using a tool supplied with each pipettor.

Autoclavable at 121°C (250°F) for sterilization and decontamination. Disassembly of the instrument is not required, and recalibration is not necessary after autoclaving. Pipettors feature a shorter length for easier handling, especially in hoods. Resistant to UV light.

Ordering Information: Supplied with manufacturer’s three-year warranty and a certificate of conformance. Pipettors 53511-576, 53511-577, and 53511-578 use Eppendorf 200 µL Flex-Tip™ pipettor tips.

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Increments Accuracy Precision Volume Supplier No. VWR Catalog Number Unit Price Quantity
0.01 µL ±5.0–1.0% ≤2.8–0.4% 0.5–10 µL 022470051 53511-574 Each Retrieving Unavailable
0.02 µL ±5.0–1.0% ≤1.5–0.3% 2–20 µL 022470159 53511-576 Each Retrieving
0.1 µL ±2.5–0.8% ≤0.7–0.15% 10–100 µL 022470205 53511-577 Each Retrieving Unavailable
0.2 µL ±1.0–0.6% ≤0.3–0.2% 50–200 µL 022470256 53511-578 Each Retrieving
1.0 µL ±1.6–0.6% ≤0.3–0.2% 100–1000 µL 022470302 53511-582 Each Retrieving
2.0 µL ±1.5–0.6% ≤0.3–0.2% 500–2500 µL 022470353 53511-584 Each Retrieving
0.002 µL ±12.0–1.4% ≤6.0–0.7% 0.1–2.5 µL 022470001 53511-586 Each Retrieving
0.02 µL ±3.0–0.8% ≤3.0–0.8% 2–20 µL 022470108 53511-588 Each Retrieving
unavailable This product is no longer available. Alternatives may be available by searching with the VWR Catalog Number listed above. If you need further assistance, please call VWR Customer Service at 1-800-932-5000.
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