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DiversiLab Microbial Identification System, bioMerieux

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This system generates unique, highly reproducible DNA fingerprints for each microbial sample. Based on repetitive sequence-based PCR (rep-PCR) technology, microbial isolates can quickly and accurately be distinguished at the subspecies and strain level. The fingerprint patterns can be stored to facilitate historical tracking and help uncover hidden reservoirs of contamination. As part of a comprehensive environmental monitoring control program, this system can help track the source and spread of microbial contamination more quickly, more accurately, and more cost-effectively than comparable solutions. Ideal for outbreak investigation, characterization of bacteria, environmental monitoring, and trend analysis. Can also be used in agricultural, biopharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, and nutraceutical applications.

The system features automated equipment for amplicon detection, delivering increased reproducibility and throughput with decreased labor costs. Samples are amplified using the rep-PCR process and the appropriate fingerprinting kit. The amplified DNA products are separated in a microfluidics DNA LabChip® device and detected in a bioanalyzer. Fingerprint patterns are generated as graphs. Data analysis can be performed in real time with reports accessible via an individual secured website.

The genus-specific fingerprinting kits cover the majority of routinely isolated organisms. Each kit is quality-controlled and optimized for precise genotyping results. The kits provide genotyping in an easy-to-use format that maintains a consistent procedure for each type of organism.

The UltraClean™ extraction kits (95061-682 and 95061-684) are recommended for extraction of microbial genomic DNA. The kits provide a standardized extraction procedure for all organisms including Mycobacterium and fungi. The mechanical lysis and column-based method results in a clean DNA sample.

A normalized genomic DNA concentration is recommended for addition to the rep-PCR reaction. DNA quantitation with a spectrophotometer is highly recommended. For labs without a spectrophotometer, genomic DNA standards can be run on a gel along with the test samples to ensure both DNA quantity and quality.

Ordering Information: The system includes an Agilent 2100 electrophoresis bioanalyzer, a desktop computer with flat panel monitor, microfluidics labchip accessories, and appropriate software. Contact your VWR sales representative for information on training courses and technical support.

Meets IEC, CAS, UL Installation Category II, and Pollution Degree 2 safety standards.

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Ambient Operating Temperature 5 to 40°C (41 to 104°F)
Dimensions 162W x 412D x 290H mm (63/8 x 161/4 x 113/8")
Electrical 100–240V, 50–60Hz, 30W
Weight 10 kg (22 lbs.)


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Accessories for DiversiLab Microbial Identification System, bioMerieux
Description Supplier No. VWR Catalog Number Unit Price Quantity
Diversilab Software 270701 95061-672 Each Retrieving
Validation Package 270722 95061-676 Each Retrieving
UltraClean™ Microbial DNA Isolation Kit 270675 95061-682 Pack of 1 Retrieving
UltraClean™ Microbial DNA Isolation Kit 270676 95061-684 Pack of 5 Retrieving
Vortex Adapter for Microbial DNA Isolation 270677 95061-686 Pack of 1 Retrieving
Gel Standards 270673 95061-688 Pack of 1 Retrieving
Myco Marker 270672 95061-690 Pack of 1 Retrieving
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