VWR Biological Safety Cabinets & Enclosures - IN STOCK!

REDISHIP Class l and Class ll biological safety cabinets are suitable for use with agents that require Biosafety Level 1,2 or 3 containment.

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VertiKlean® MAX™ Sealed Edge - Available in 3 sizes!

VertiKlean MAX Sealed Edge is increases durability, eliminates fiber contamination and is ideal for ceilings, walls and floors.

Innovations for a better world

Find everything you need to start setting up your lab, including special savings, checklists, and more...

jetOPTIMUS®: Best-in-class DNA transfection reagent

Reach maximal gene expression in hard-to-transfect cells with jetOPTIMUS®, a cost-effective DNA transfection reagent.

Drummond Nanoject III Microinjector

Realiable, precise, and convient, user-friendly all performed through the control box to elimante many variables when microinjecting.  

Safe, Accurate & Reliable Dispensing - BRAND Dispensette S Bottletop Dispensers

Dispense most lab reagents, deliver accurate & precise volumes, and increase lab safety. Buy 2, get 1 FREE through 12/31/19!

Tested, Trusted Rapid Flow Filtration Units

Thermo Scientific Nalgene Rapid-Flow disposable Filter Units with PES membrane feature the exclusive Rapid-Flow support plate design, providing fast flow rates and high throughput.

New products

Avantor J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND® PROchievA™ protein A chromatography resins

High-performance protein A chromatography resins for mAbs production processes.

Can your imager do this?

The Sapphire Biomolecular Imager from Azure Biosystems. With RGB and NIR fluorescence, chemiluminescence, and phosphor imaging, you can image gels, blots, plates, slides, and so much more. See what the Sapphire can do for you.

Thermo Scientific Cell Locker System

An innovative solution of removable, protected chambers designed for improved culturing efficiency and security for sensitive cultures.

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