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  • Special offer on Corning® Serum, Cell Culture and Liquid Handling products

    Purchase 10 bottles of select Corning® Serum and Get 1 case of cell culture product and 1 case of liquid handling product for free!

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  • Get a free sample! Cytiva's 934-AH™ RTU filters for wastewater testing

    The 934-AH™ filter for Total Suspended Solids Analysis, is available in a time-saving, Ready-To-Use format. Used in a wide range of water monitoring applications. Streamlines your laboratory process.

  • Corning® Matrigel® Matrix Limited Time Offer

    Purchase select Corning® Matrigel® Matrix products and get one case of cell culture product and one case of liquid handling product for free.

  • Advanced controls and smart features

    Crystal Industries AIREA Dry-Wall Stackable CO Incubator’s color touchscreen allows you to easily see current values, set parameters or retrieve up to 912 days of data.

  • Avantor for Advanced Battery Science and Technology

    Innovation in battery technology is becoming vital to facilitate the energy transition. Avantor is now supporting customers active in Research & Development, production and recycling of advanced batteries.

  • Sartorius Arium® Mini Ultrapure Water Systems - Designed to deliver pure performance

    Arium® Mini consistently delivers high water quality, ensuring the reproducibility of your results and preventing time-consuming, repeated analyses.

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