VWR® Vortex Mixers

VWR® Vortex Mixers are commonly used in laboratories to mix small liquid volumes for cell disruption or homogenization. Analog or digital units precisely control the operational speed and time to achieve reproducible results. Capable of mixing single or multiple samples simultaneous, VWR vortex mixers accommodate test tubes, vials, centrifuge tubes, flasks, and even microplates. Constructed of rugged, corrosion-resistant materials, our units will withstand heavy everyday usage.

Mini Vortexers are great for simple mixing.

Heavy-Duty and Microplate Vortex mixers are  the ideal solution for powerful, continuous duty vortexing. These mixers have a unique locking design for the accessories allowing for secure high speed mixing.

The Multi-Tube Vortexers offer powerful, hands free mixing for up to 50 samples at one time.

Product selection

VWR® Analog Vortex Mixer

The variable speed control allows low rpm starts for gentle or high-speed mixing for vigorous vortexing of samples. Sturdy design, will not walk.

VWR® Microplate Vortex Mixers

Robust digital and non-digital models offer effective solutions for dependable mixing of up to 2 microplates at a time.

VWR® Heavy Duty Vortex Mixers

Dynamic continuous duty mixer permits operation with accessories throughout the speed range. Digital models offer reproducible results every time.

VWR® Multi-Tube Vortexers

Process up to 50 samples at one time. Digital model provides reproducible results. Enhance mixing with the programmable pulse feature.