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VWR Life Science AMRESCO products now fall under the VWR Life Science brand. The same quality product with a different name.

How to place your VWR Life Science AMRESCO order:

**Please note part numbers have not changed. Search by part number or product name to find what you are looking for.

Step 1: Call 1-866-360-7522 to setup a VWR Account Number. Provide your billing and shipping details. You can immediately place an order with our dedicated support team or take the next step to setup a vwr.com profile.

Step 2: Create a VWR.com Profile. On our Profile Setup page select “Permanent Account” and provide your profile details and your newly created VWR account number. Benefits of a VWR.com Profile

Step 3: Search and Shop!

Step 4: Track Your Orders via My Orders! VWR.com has an enhanced order status with real-time updates, links to certificates, invoices and packing slips all online.

Step 5: Get Your Order Notifications Your Way! We'll tell you when your order ships and when there is a change to it's estimated arrival date. you choose how you would like to receive this information - either through consolidated daily emails or using a widget on VWR.com

Benefits of a Web Profile
Profile features include:
  • Save your site preferences and access information that is specific to you.
  • Save your personal payment and purchasing settings for faster ordering.
  • Save your Cart and view your most frequently ordered items for faster re-ordering.
  • View your order history, approvals, and status.
  • Full Web Profiles allow you to shop with your contract pricing, tax exemptions, and pay with purchase orders.

We are here to support you – via phone, email, or even Live Chat!

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