Solutions for protection

While there are many important elements in your laboratory, production area or facility, nothing is as important as you! Protect your staff, yourself, and your space with our selection of trusted equipment and apparel developed to help reduce exposure to workplace hazards and injuries in the lab. Our VWR Collection portfolio includes protective apparel, gloves, masks, and eyewear dedicated to your safety and comfort. And because injury prevention begins with maintaining a safe and clean lab, we offer disposal containers, transport systems, storage solutions, and bench protection so you can ensure that you have the products necessary for handling dangerous chemicals and hazards in the workplace.

  • Protection from head to toe
  • Protect your laboratory or production space
  • Mitigate risk at your facility

Solutions for protection: VWR® Coveralls have you covered

VWR Signature™ Coveralls made with DuPont™ Tyvek IsoClean Material are a barrier against dry particulates, nonhazardous liquids, and microorganisms.

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Product selection


Protect your body from liquid spray, dry particulates, and spilled chemicals by covering up every vulnerable surface with a variety of different articles of clothing.

Chemical Capture Filtration System

Stand-alone filtration system with one fan, which can be integrated with a flexible duct connected to the bung port of any flammable or acid cabinet.

Eyewash Stations

Wall-mountable stations in Single or Double configurations that come in 16oz. or 32oz. bottle options and includes PhysiciansCare eyewash solution.

Face Masks

Successfully cover facial cavities that could produce contaminations in crucial operations or experiments with the offered masks.

First Aid Kits

Several sizes of First Aid Kits that meet current regulations and are ideal for the lab.


Disposable or reusable garments can be designed for ambidextrous flexibility or hand specific use. In a wide range of material manufacturing and thickness options, the apparel pieces help workers avoid risks with specific operations.


Floor mats give the proper surface protection. Trapping particulates, the disposable entryway installations guarantee critical areas remain sterile and that clean-up is completed more efficiently.


Disposable and reusable respirators are available for use with a high degree of reliable protection. Most respirators are designed to provide a lightweight, secure fit with comfortable protection against solid and liquid particles.

Safety Cabinets

Designed to protect both laboratory personnel and the cabinet contents for flammables and corrosives.

Safety Glasses

Shield eyes against dangerous debris and even chemical spray without the constricting plastic strap typical of goggles by using safety glasses.

Safety Goggles

Protect your eyes with a variety of sterile and non-sterile options including chemical splash.

Spill Control

Options include liquid-retaining spill trays and drying racks for use while pipetting, measuring, or mixing, as well as durable, tear-resistant pads and towels formulated to be absorbent for fast-wicking spill cleanup.

Waste Disposal

Waste bins for safe disposal of your lab's refuse are available at VWR in both benchtop and floor models.

Quality solutions for science

Our Collection of brands are developed with you as our focus by our team and network of professionals with advanced degrees in science, quality control, engineering, manufacturing and industry experience. Click here to learn more about our products, services, and grant opportunities.

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