Ultrapure Water Systems

Our Arium® laboratory-grade water purification systems feature an inspiring, application-oriented design. They enable you to perform your workflows faster and more reliably, simplifying your daily lab work while ensuring cost-efficient operation over the long term. 

Arium® Mini Ultrapure Water Systems

Ultrapure water system ideal for daily comsumption up to 10 liters of water per day

Arium® Pro Ultrapure Water Systems

Ultrapure water systems that meet or exceed ASTM Type I water for any application

Arium® Comfort All in One Water Systems

The Arium® Comfort Systems provide Type 1 and Type 3 or Type 1 and Type 2 water in a combined system.

Arium® Smart Station

The Arium® Smart Station Ultrapure is designed for flexible remote dispensing of ultrapure water from Arium® Pro and Arium® Comfort lab water systems, directly at the point of use.