Triumph Board

No message is complete without a powerful presentation, thus TRIUMPH BOARD has built its business on being “One Idea Ahead” in offering Audio Visual Equipment that meets users evolving needs and enables the presenter to perform at the next level!

Created for the school and office, TRIUMPH BOARD offers products that include:

  • Interactive White Boards (fixed and portable)
  • Interactive Touch Screens (LCD TV’s and overlays)
  • Interactive Tablets
  • Audience Response (Voting) Systems

TRIUMPH BOARD products are created to enhance presentation effectiveness, whether in a learning, corporate or commercial environment, and are now available exclusively in the US from VWR International.

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Interactive Touch Screens

TRIUMPH BOARD develops fully integrated, professional solution TRIUMPH BOARD MULTI Touch LED LCD Series to suit all kinds of applications for classrooms or meeting rooms. 

Interactive Whiteboards

With the TRIUMPH BOARD interactive whiteboard you will be able to learn and teach in classroom settings or create company presentations within the corporate environment.

Presentation Products

TRIUMPH BOARD provides a range of audio-visual presentation products to suit all types of applications from Audience Response System (Voting), Wireless Tablets, Digital Processing Cameras and Projectors.

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