Thermo Scientific Chemicals

The Thermo Scientific™ brand provides an extensive range of chemicals, functional reagents, organic building blocks, metals and life science reagents for research and development and quality control. Discover a selection of the range in the product categories below, or search by CAS or product name in the search bar.

Thermo Scientific™ chemicals is the combination of the former Acros Organics™ and Alfa Aesar™ product portfolios and therefore meets the evolving needs of organic and medicinal chemists as well as analytical chemists, material scientists and biotechnologists. The product range consists of over 60,000 products, in sizes from gram-scale to semi-bulk and bulk production quantities.

The portfolio includes important innovations in packaging of air and moisture sensitive reagents with the industry-leading Acroseal™ packaging solution. This offers advantages in terms of convenience and safety when handling this type of chemicals.


Battery Technology Products

In the rapidly evolving world of battery technology, our chemicals portfolio supports the discovery and development of newer, next-generation battery technologies as well as the improvement of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries by making them safer.

Organic Synthesis

Find compounds for each step of your organic synthesis workflow, including a variety of Thermo Scientific chemicals, catalysts, and reagents.

Specialty Inorganic Compounds

Inorganics include salts, metals, and substances made from single elements and any other compounds that do not contain carbon bonded to hydrogen.

Material Science: Metals and Materials

Pure metals, alloys and non-metallic elements in various purities and forms to meet most specifications.

Specialty Silver Products

Silver products are used extensively in a wide range of applications from medical & pharmaceutical to catalysis, energy & advanced optoelectronics that touch everyday life.

Analytical Reagents & Solvents

Solvents, acids, inorganic compounds, analytical solutions, standards and references for your analytical workflow.


Custom & Bulk Chemical Services

We can offer expertise in producing and sourcing a substantial range of products for your research, pilot-scale or production application.

Life Science Reagents

The life science product range includes a continuously growing variety of materials for biological research.


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