Universal Fit Pipette Tips

Thermo Scientific™ ART™ pipette tips provide complete protection from cross contamination of your samples. It has never been easier to find a tip to fit virtually any pipette brand or application in your laboratory with the extensive selection of barrier, non-filtered and specialty tips in sizes from 10uL to 10 mL. All deliver the proven ART quality, performance and reliability you expect. Every tip is certified to meet the industry’s highest standards for molding precision, clarity and purity.

ART is All You Need – ART universal pipette tips are all you need for contamination prevention. Now, get your very own ART tip disposal bucket and designer shield! Just purchase 1 case of ART Pipette Tips and submit your redemption form to receive your own, fun and functional, ART Tip Bucket to eject your pipette tips into!

Get your ART Tip Bucket

ART Extended Length

Extended length tips allow you to access the bottom of test tubes, reagent bottles, flasks and other vessels without touching the shaft of the pipette against the side of the tube. Available in both barrier and non-filtered options.

ART Low Retention - Extended Length Tips

Barrier and non-filtered low retention, extended length tips combine the advantage of less liquid retention with easy access to the bottom of your labware for improved sample delivery.


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