Thermo Scientific Anatomical Pathologies

Solutions from start to finish!

A complete line of Thermo Scientific anatomical pathology equipment and consumables, from specimen collection to diagnosis. Our products include:

  • Laboratory equipment and consumables to support the pre-analytical phase of the testing process in Cytology
  • Histology products and services from gross dissection and tissue processing to slide staining and coverslipping
  • A comprehensive range of post-mortem examination products and services
  • Rabbit monoclonal antibodies that are recognized to be most advanced markers in the industry with superior sensitivity and specificity. The industry's strongest combination of price and performance, providing unsurpassed accuracy and value, and bringing much needed standardization to non-standardized patient testing environments
  • Instruments and procedures designed to help create Lean workflow for improved efficiency and accuracy

Because Every Section Matters

Thermo Scientific Ultra Microtome Blades

Obtaining high-quality sections and minimizing wasted tissue relies on high-quality microtomes paired with high-quality microtome blades. Thermo Scientific Ultra microtome blades offer high consistency, impressive durability, dependability, and precise performance.

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Designed for both performance and user comfort, our Thermo Scientific™ cryostats and microtomes offer a high level of safety and energy efficiency while delivering excellent sectioning quality.

Glass and Consumables

Microscope slides are the foundation of your research and diagnostics—the platform for your samples...


A selection of pathology instruments to help automate your laboratory workflow and save time. Whether tissue processors, stainers or embedding stations, Thermo Scientific has the high quality products you can count on.

Labeling and Tracking

Thermo Scientific™ on-demand slide and cassette printing solutions make accuracy easy. Labeling takes place right at the laboratory technician’s workspace...