Masterflex Connection Newsletter Vol.4-3 - Tygon Tubing

Meet… "The Tygons"
Tygon® tubing family offers you a host of choices

The Tygon® family of tubing from Masterflex® is versatile, cost-effective, and suited for a wide variety of jobs. Need just the right match to meet your needs? Simply choose from a wide variety of Tygon selections…

Tygon LFL

Is destined for longevity, with the longest life potential of any clear peristaltic pump tubing. This one has all the traits of Tygon Lab (see below), combined with low spallation and FDA and USP approval. A smooth operator, Tygon LFL never shows its age.

Tygon Food

Has received approvals from such notables as the FDA and NSF and is classified 3A! This Tygon loves a wide range of food and beverage products, including oils, fats, and acidic products like tomatoes or vinegar. Inside and out, Tygon Food is even smoother than stainless steel!

Tygon Lab

Is frugal and can save you a lot of money for your general purposes. Ages well, with a smooth inside and transparent appearance. Gets along with both acids and bases, and has excellent ability to stay dry.

Tygon Fuel & Lubricant

Is the tough one, easily identified by its translucent bright yellow color. Loves to show off with superior performance around harsh characters, including petroleum based products, gasoline, kerosene, and industrial-grade oils and lubricants.

The Tygons. An entire family of tubing that you really should know.

Typical Applications

  • Cosmetic production
  • Food and beverage
  • Semiconductors
  • Printing
  • Chemical transfer
  • Water purification