Tubing Selection Guide For Viscous Fluids

Select tubing size based on flow rate and viscosity

How to Use this Graph

You have an 800 centipoise fluid that you wish to pump at 150 mL/min. Find 150 mL/min on the "flow rate" axis of the graph above and find 800 centipoise on the "viscosity" axis. Follow the two points to where they meet. The graph shows that L/S® 35 and L/S® 36 tubing will produce the desired flow rate. These tubing sizes will also work for all lower viscosities and lower flow rates.

All viscosity test data was obtained using firm tubing materials such as Norprene®, PharMed®, Viton®, and Tygon® because these formulations perform the best in high viscosity applications. Tests were performed with fluids at 21°C (0°F) and 0 bar (0 psig) of back pressure. The graph is best used as a general guideline only, and is not a guarantee that you will achieve the results shown.

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