Masterflex Tubing: Questions and Answers

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Q: How is Masterflex® pump tubing different from nominal/non-pump tubing?
A: Masterflex pump tubing is manufactured to the exact dimensions of Masterflex tubing pumps and proprietary pump tested formulations. It is precision extruded, manufactured to tight tolerances, factory-tested and optically inspected, and crafted to comply with the toughest standards and classifications to help you achieve top performance. In fact, you should use Masterflex pump tubing with Masterflex pumps to ensure optimum performance, and the use of other tubing may void warranties.


Q. I use bulk-packed Masterflex platinum-cured silicone tubing, which is convenient and cost effective. Is other bulk-packed tubing available as well?
A. Yes! Masterflex PharMed tubing (06485-series) comes in bulk packs. We also offer spooled tubing containing up to 500 feet of tubing per spool in the following formulations: peroxide-cured silicone, platinum-cured silicone, PharMed, and Biopharm silicone. If you need another tubing formulation in bulk packs or spools, simply call 1-800-MASTERFLEX and we'll customize packaging for you!

Variable-speed air-powered drive system MLFX77980-00

Q. We've installed many Masterflex pumps in my plant, but sometimes I need to use a pump in an area where we don't have electrical power available. Can you help?
A. Yes! We have a number of pump options available to you that don't require electric power, including our portable sampler pumps and DC powered drives that operate on batteries, Masterflex hand pumps, or air-powered pumps that are powered by compressed air.

Q. I have been using Masterflex for years with great results. Where do I start to create an entire fluid handling system?
A. We're glad you asked. We offer a vast array of help in creating Masterflex tubing pump systems. A good place to start is For example, click on How to Select a Masterflex Pump, Masterflex Applications, or Masterflex FAQs for help in selecting just the right system.