Pump Types and Definitions


These pumps move fluid through a reciprocating bellows cavity that is coupled to a driving rod. Pumps are found in the "Metering" and "Positive Displacement" pump sections. 


A rotating vanned disk attached to a drive shaft moves fluid without pulsation as it spins. The outlet can be restricted without damaging the pump.


Pulsations of one or two flexible diaphragms displace liquid while check valves control the direction of the fluid flow. 


A motor attached to an impeller is mounted on top of a drum. The impeller pushes fluid up the tube set when submersed.

Flexible Liner

The outer surface of an inert liner and inner surface of a rotating body block create a fluid channel used to gently pump fluids without pulsation.

Flexible Impeller

Elastomeric impeller traps fluid between the impeller blades and a molded housing that sweeps fluid through the pump housing.


Fluid is trapped between the teeth of two or three rotating gears. Gear pumps are good for high system-pressure applications and are often magnetically driven.


Manually powered pumps of various designs used for short term or repetitive liquid transfer applications.

Peristaltic (tubing)

Fluid only contacts the tubing—rollers of a motor-driven pump head push the fluid along the tubing as they rotate. Noncontaminating and easy to clean.


Rotating pistons of varying stroke lengths pump fluids through check valves. Good for high-pressure applications.

Progressing Cavity

The cavity between a screw-style rotor and stator force high-viscosity and particulate-filled fluids through the pump.

Pressure Washer

Provide high-pressure water, ideal for cleaning and sanitizing.

Rotary Lobe

Lobe-shaped rotors gently fill with and dispense fluids containing soft particles, solids, and highly viscous fluids. Sanitary construction is perfect for use in the food and beverage industries.

Rotary Vane

Operate like flexible impeller pumps but use an impeller made of a rigid material—useful for high-pressure or low-shear applications.


Infusion or withdrawal syringe pumps provide high pressure and high accuracy for applications such as HPLC.


Centrifugal pumps in a specialized housing used for emptying tanks or sumps.