Case Study: Custom ICC Pump for Radiation Therapy & Isotope Product

Ismatec® Reglo® ICC pump customized for radiation therapy and isotope product

A leading manufacturer of radiation therapy and isotope product needed a pump accessory with 4- independent controlled channels. They also needed a custom mounting system to accommodate a specific mounting configuration.

OEM reglo icc peristaltic pump

Our Custom Engineered Solution
The project was scoped with our engineering team. They recommended Ismatec® Reglo® Independant Channel Control (ICC) pump customized with a custom mounting plate. A complete custom pump system was developed.

The Reglo ICC multi-channel peristaltic pumps allow the user to individually control the flow and direction of each channel. The pump delivers continuous pumping or precision dispensing up to 35 mL/min with the capability of bidirectional flow in each channel. Plus, independent channel calibration minimizes tube-to-tube differences, resulting in high calibration accuracy.

Value Delivered
The new custom pump easily mounted within the customer's cabinet. Our fast response allowed the customer to maintain their product launch schedule. The customer saved $200 of labor per unit with the customer designed mounting assembly.