Masterflex OEM: Questions and Answers

First of all, what is OEM?

By definition, OEM means "original equipment manufacturer."

Who uses Masterflex® OEM Services?

A typical OEM customer has a quantity need and a special application not ideally served by one of our off-the-shelf products.

Is OEM an expensive proposition?

Actually, tailoring products to do only what you require is often more economical and definitely the smart choice.

What does the Masterflex® OEM group do?

We'll design or modify a product to fit your needs in either form, fit, or function. Or customize how a product is packaged, even the way it is shipped.

How much experience does the Masterflex® OEM Group have?

We serve customers throughout the world in all areas of industry. Our OEM manufacturing division brings almost 100 combined years of experience to the table with a total commitment to serving the customer—from quick quote turnaround times to the speedy delivery of all OEM products.

How much input can I have?

We want you to be part of the OEM team from the beginning of the design development curve. Doing so ensures a quality product that truly fulfills your needs. At any step of the process, you can call and speak with an engineer who has been part of your team from the start—that's the big benefit of our on-staff team of application and product design engineers.

Who do I call to get started?

To learn more about the OEM group or to discuss a potential OEM application contact us at 1-800-MASTERFLEX or by email at