Masterflex I/P Brushless Process Drive & Handling the Harsh Solutions in WasteWater Applications

Handling the Harsh Solutions in WasteWater Applications

Looking for a pump system to handle your water treatment process needs? Look no further— Masterflex® I/P® Brushless Process Drives (MFLX77410-10 and MFLX77411-00) are the newest innovation from Masterflex to tackle the demands of the harsh, process, water treatment environments.


The Masterflex I/P Process Drives feature reversible PWM brushless motors that are maintenance-free and continuous duty-rated. These features minimize down-time normally needed to replace brushes while extending the life of the motor. Durable roller and ball bearing construction ensures long component life, reducing the frequency of replacing parts and the number of replacement parts needed.

The non-chip epoxy-coated, IP55 rated wash down steel enclosure has excellent corrosion resistance against many harsh chemicals and disinfectants, including sodium hypochlorite. The sealed housing prevents leakage into the internal components of the drive, eliminating potential damage from corrosion.

Masterflex I/P Precision Brushless Drive with Remote I/O, 33 to 650 rpm

Versatile yet powerful:

Compact drives are light enough to carry with one hand, yet powerful enough to drive two stacked pump heads, providing up to 26 LPM in flow. Select from three pump heads (Standard, Easy-Load®, and High-Performance) and 18 different tubing formulations to configure the best system for your application. Find a combination that handles even abrasive solutions like alum slurries.

A sealed keypad allows users to control the start/stop/reverse features on the drive. The three turn speed control potentiometer adjusts the drive speed quickly while the LED digital display shows the percent of motor speed from 5 to 100% with 1% resolution.

The Precision Brushless Drive with Remote I/O (Model MFLX77411-00) offers remote control input/outputs that easily interface to SCADA or other plant control systems without external interface boxes. Remote inputs include 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 V, start/stop, and reverse speed control. Remote outputs include a “pump ready” signal and 4 to 20 mA speed indication. All units are UL, cUL, and CE approved.

Contamination-free pumping:

Masterflex peristaltic pump systems confine the fluid to the insides of the tubing only, allowing no contact with any of the internal or external components of the pump drive. The confined fluid eliminates the chance of vapor lock and clogged valves common with other pump designs. Peristaltic pumps operate by utilizing a rotating set of rollers that squeeze “occlude” a length of flexible tubing against an occlusion bed. This action produces a high vacuum that can move both gases and liquids with out clogging or vapor locking.

When you consider all of the other options for your wastewater process needs, it is clear that the Masterflex I/P Brushless Process Drives stand out in front of the rest. With their durability, versatility, power, and contamination-free pumping, these pumps are the obvious choice for your challenging application.