Masterflex Easy-Load pump heads meet the demands of fluid transfer in a fermentation process analyzer

Cytosoft Inc. sells fermentation equipment. The company’s equipment is perfect for monoclonal antibodies and bio-pesticide applications. The ID System® process analyzer, in particular, is an ideal product for laboratory-scale fermentation applications.

According to Al Marchand, Engineering Director, “during the creation of the ID System, our engineers had to incorporate a quality pump head into the fluid transfer system. The pump head had to be noncontaminating, easy to use, dependable, and economical. Our choice was a MASTERFLEX EASY-LOAD® pump head.”

The fluid only contacts the tubing, so it’s simple to maintain purity. Our “customers like how easy it is to load the pump head,” Al states, “and it’s dependable—a quality product at a much lower price.”

Let a MASTERFLEX EASY-LOAD pump head complete your fluid transfer system!