Masterflex Connection Newsletter Vol.3-3 - Specialty pump tubing is the winner in those challenging applications

Specialty pump tubing is the winner in those challenging applications

Masterflex® tubing pumps are ideal for pumping chemicals. The peristaltic design eliminates contact between moving parts and the fluid. And for those applications that present a special challenge, requiring just the right chemically resistant tubing, consider these Masterflex® tubing formulations:

Tygon Fuel & Lubricant

Ideal for transporting hydrocarbons, petroleum products, and distillates. Suitable for gasoline, kerosene, heating oils, cutting compounds, and glycol-based coolants. Minimum extractability and low gas permeability. High dielectric constant.

Viton & Viton FDA

Our most chemically resistant tubing; resistant to corrosives, solvents, and oils at elevated temperatures. Low gas permeability. Available in FDA compliant formulation.

Tygon 2075

This ultra chemical-resistant tubing is ideal for use with highly aggressive chemicals—acids, bases, ketones, salts, and alcohols. Plasticizer free, smoother inner surface (inhibits particulate build-up), hydrophobic, minimal outgassing, safe disposal via incineration, and nontoxic. Contact our Application Specialists for information.


Excellent chemical resistance. Maintains high purity; will not leach or absorb into solutions. High-pressure capability up to 100 psi. Clear for easy flow monitoring. Very low gas permeability. Smooth bore.

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