Masterflex Connection Newsletter Vol.2-4 - New L/Sr Cartridges

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It's bigger and better than ever and available now—the 2001/02 General Catalog. You'll find 2,200 pages of exclusive hard-to-find items, the basics you expect, and a number of new offerings and product improvements from Masterflex®, such as:

L/S® High-Pressure Pump System

The first Masterflex® peristaltic pump that can pump fluids at continuous pressure up to 100 psi—using flexible tubing! And, like all Masterflex® pumps, maintenance is quick and easy—simply change the tubing. There are no gears, valves, seals, or diaphragms to disassemble for cleaning, which saves you time, money, and downtime.

Masterflex® Robotic Dispenser System

The perfect way to enhance efficiency, the Robotic Dispenser System enables you to automatically fill a variety of vessels—from Petri dishes to sample vials and microwell plates. Fill up to 5,700 test tubes per hour using your standard tube racks.

E/S™ Portable Sampling Pump

Use in the field for sampling or in the plant as a portable pump. This variable-speed sampler operates on internal batteries, 12 V car battery, or an AC outlet. Flow range is 4.2 to 1100 mL/min and maximum sample depth is 29 ft (8.8 m). Accepts Masterflex® Standard, Easy-Load®, PTFE-tubing, and Quick Load® pump heads.

Double-Y Tubing System

Reduce pulsation and enhance accuracy in peristaltic dispensing by combining the split-channel tubing configuration with the offset rollers of two stacked Easy-Load® II pump heads. Based on our platinum-cured Tygon® silicone tubing, it complies with FDA and USP Class VI and exceeds 3A sanitary standards. Maintains purity by providing a contamination-free fluid transfer pathway.

Spooled and Bulk-Packed Tubing

Save time, money, and always have enough tubing on hand with our new bulk tubing. Our spooled tubing is available in PharMed®, Tygon®, peroxide-cured silicone and platinum-cured silicone formulations, with up to 500 feet of tubing on each spool. We also offer Masterflex® platinum-cured silicone tubing in convenient bulk-packed cases that contain up to 20 sealed bags of tubing, depending on size selected.

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An improved L/S® Cartridge pump head retention system, new easy-to-read digital drives, new I/P® Standard pump head tang boots for smoother, quieter operation, new sanitary tubing sizes and much, much more—you'll find it all in the General Catalog. Order yours today!