Masterflex B/T® Tubing Life Technical Data

B/T Performance Data for NORPRENE® Food, Silicone, and C-FLEX®, Tubing Formulations

Like the L/S® and I/P® tubing sizes, B/T sizes B/T® 86, B/T® 88, B/T® 90, and B/T® 92 tubing offer all the characteristics of the smaller size tubing styles at flow rates up to 45 LPM (12 GPM). The graph at right shows average tubing life while pumping water through a Standard pump head at 70°F (21°C).

Question: What is the average life of MASTERFLEX B/T® 90 NORPRENE Food at 200 rpm?

Answer: Using the graph below, the expected average life is about 250 hours.