Chem-Durance Chemical pump tubing

Introduction Choosing a pump tubing formulation often means compromising on one or more key performance characteristics. Formulations that offer broad chemical resistance typically do not offer long pumping life. New Masterflex® Chem-Durance pump tubing gives you both.

Chemical Compatibility Chem-Durance chemical-resistant pump tubing is the latest formulation of Masterflex® pump tubing. Chem-Durance has been developed with a plasticizer-free bore (inner layer) specially bonded to a thermoplastic elastomer jacket (outer layer) to create a synergistic combination of chemical resistance and pumping life. With resistance to acids, bases, salts, ketones, and alcohols, this product will perform in a wide range of chemical applications—limiting the number of tubing formulations you need to keep on hand.

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Temperature Pump tubing applications are often restricted due to the pronounced temperature sensitivity of clear PVC-based pump tubing. With Chem-Durance, the outer jacket acts as an insulating layer to absorb and dissipate heat from the rollers; effectively extending the life of the plasticizer-free inner bore and minimizing performance variations.

Sterilization Chem-Durance is unaffected by most commonly used chemical sanitizers and cleaners. As a result, it can be effectively cleaned without impacting its pumping life. Chem-Durance will also withstand sterilization by autoclave, ethylene oxide (ETO) gas, and gamma irradiation.

Pump Performance The plasticizer-free, smooth bore liner is hydrophobic and will resist the absorption/adsorption of aqueous fluids. This property minimizes the risk of fluid alteration in single- or repeat-use applications. Chem-Durance also shows excellent performance in pressure/vacuum applications and when pumping viscous fluids.

Test results to date have shown pump life up to 5000 hours at 100 rpm and 0 psi; up to 1000 hours at 600 rpm and 0 psi. Chem-Durance has been tested at pressures up to 40 psi, with a life of 200 hours at 100 rpm.

This unique tubing applies the latest in polymer technology to provide a pumpable and flexible tubing formulation for challenging fluid transfer applications.

Note: As with any pump tubing formulation, the pumping life for Chem-Durance will be significantly extended at reduced rpm (drive speed). To achieve the same flow rate at a lower rpm, simply switch to a larger size tubing. The realized increase in tubing life will generally more than offset any increase in cost.