BioPharm Plus Platinum-Cured Silicone Tubing


  • Up to three times the working life of other platinum silicone tubings
  • Excellent biocompatibility; no leachable additives, DOP, or plasticizers; odorless and nontoxic, fungus resistant; no taste imparted to transported fluids.
  • Ultra-smooth inner surface minimizes particle entrapment.
  • Ideal for laboratory, food/beverage, and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Weather, ozone, corona, and radiation resistant.


  • Do not use with concentrated solvents, oils, or acids.
  • Relatively high gas permeability.

Application Suitability:

Acids: Poor
Alkalies: Poor
Organic solvents: Not recommended
Pressure: Fair
Vacuum: Good
Viscous fluids: Fair
Sterile fluids: Excellent

Physical Characteristics and Composition:

  • Thermal set rubber.
  • Siloxane polymers and amorphous silica.
  • Excellent compression strength.
  • Soft material.
  • Translucent, clear to light amber.

Temperature Range:

-60 to 460°F (-51 to 232°C)

Meets Classifications:

  • USP Class VI and 3A sanitary standards
  • FDA 21 CFR 177.2600

Gas Permeability:

cc x mm
x 10-10
(cm2 x sec. x cm Hg

CO2: 25,147
H2: -
O2: 4715
N2: 2284


  • Sterilize by ethylene oxide (ETO), autoclave, or gamma irradiation