SW Technologies

SW® invests in manufacturing, glove performance, and hand health technologies to provide premium products that protect and enhance worker performance.

MANUFACTURING – SW has focused on developing new manufacturing technologies to drive category innovation and improve worker performance.

HAND HEALTH – SW proprietary technologies that improve hand health and counter the effects associated with wearing hand protection.

GLOVE PERFORMANCE – SW has developed a number of new technologies that have transformed the single-use glove category – from simply protecting hands to enhancing comfort, enabling better performance, to protecting the environment.


Hydrates and rejuvenates hands for all-day comfort. New patented additive clinically proven to improve hand health.

pH Natural®

Actively maintains skin pH at natural levels to reduce skin issues. Proprietary coating helps keep pH levels at 5.5, reducing microbial growth.

Dry Core™

Naturally pulls sweat away from the skin for healthier hands. Moisture-wicking system makes for a dry, comfortable environment.


Moisture-wicking flock-lined system for drier, cooler, more comfortable hands. Naturally manages sweat for healthier hands and easy donning and doffing.


Proprietary nitrile treatment that dramatically accelerates landfill breakdown. Gloves break down 92.6% over 2.5 years without any impact on glove performance. ASTM D5526-12 test results do not predict future biodegradation.


Proprietary matrixed pattern that provides dramatic control. Designed for maximum surface-to-surface contact, providing enhanced grip in all conditions.

Breach Alert™

Dual color, 2-ply construction technology provides immediate visual breach detection. Two distinct polymer layers add durability and dramatically improve safety.


New, bio-inspired grip pattern for oily and wet conditions. Proprietary design enhances grip while maintaining dexterity.


Proprietary molecularly-engineered yarn that dramatically enhances cut resistance. Provides the highest level cut protection with high glove comfort and dexterity.