SW Performance Hand Protection

SW® was founded with a single purpose: to make our customers more successful. We realized that to do this we must make demonstrably better products that will allow people to do what they do best. This requires us to invest in quality manufacturing, focus on new product development, and create new features that benefit those who rely on our products every day.

  • Belle Chou, President of SW

EcoTek Biodegradable Gloves

EcoTek® is a nitrile treatment that accelerates landfill breakdown. Gloves break down 92.6% over 2.5 years with no impact on performance.

SW Technologies

SW invests in manufacturing, glove, and hand health technologies to provide premium products that protect and enhance worker performance.

TrueForm Single-Use Gloves

TrueForm™ is made for those who rely on daily hand protection to provide ease of use and high dexterity with glove to glove consistency.

PowerForm Single-Use Gloves

PowerForm® brings hand protection technologies to performance. From sweat management to enhanced grip, workers can execute tasks with confidence.

PowerChem Single-Use Gloves

Born of SW manufacturing capabilities and advancements in material science, PowerChem™ offers chemical protection for highly specific applications.

MegaMan Single-Use Gloves

MegaMan® pushes the boundaries of single-use performance –with new levels of abrasion resistance, sweat management, and comfort that deliver in severe environments.

GraphEx Cut Protection

GraphEx® gloves are made with proprietary AxiFybr® yarn—engineered at the molecular level to provide the highest level of cut protection.

TexSolv & CoreSafe Chemical Protection

TexSolv® nitrile provides broad spectrum chemical protection and tip to cuff consistency. CoreSafe® features easy-to-use natural rubber protection.