High-quality compendial and specialty chemicals

Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corporation is unlike any other company in the chemical industry, growing into an FDA-registered manufacturer and distributor of fine chemicals and laboratory products while remaining a family-owned business after nearly fifty years. This multi-decade progress stems from the Spectrum family’s dedication to earn the trust and confidence of the people they serve, striving to provide outstanding service and more product options for customers each year.

Now, Spectrum Chemical boasts the largest selection of USP-NF-FCC chemicals for the manufacturing of food, drug, and personal care products available from a single source.

BASF catalysts

Spectrum offers research quantities of high-performance BASF Precious Metal Catalysts featuring patented NanoSelect technology.

Fine chemicals

Organic and inorganic chemicals for any lab application, including ingredients for pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, cosmetics, personal care, and more!

USP chemicals

Spectrum carries a wide selection of carefully manufactured USP chemicals in a range of quantities to fit your particular application.


Alcohols manufactured and packaged by Spectrum according to cGMP standards, available in convenient 100mL bottles to production-scale 200L drums.