Solutions by Industry — Controlled Environment and Cleanroom Product

Cleanrooms and controlled environments are very much alike, but the specifications for each differ in severity. While controlled environments largely entail the control of factors such as air pressure and temperature, cleanrooms require these environmental controls plus decontamination and filtration.

From biotechnology to pharmaceutical, healthcare, microelectronics, aerospace and more, Avantor offers controlled environment and cleanroom products from a host of leading manufacturers designed to meet your specific industry’s specialized needs.  

Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Nutraceuticals

Meet stringent standards for cleanliness, air quality, airflow, temperature, humidity, and other measures.

Medical Devices and Healthcare

Reduce contamination and infections and control the spread of particles and microorganisms.

Semiconductor and Microelectronics

Control static, particulate matter, outgassing, and other contaminants.

Aerospace and Automotive

Maintain industry cleanliness standards that are crucial to supporting error-free manufacturing.