Skin and Glove Cleansing and Sanitation

Micronova's Hand Hygiene products are an important part of keeping employees and products clean and safe from debris, microbials, and viruses. Products range from cleansing wipes to hand soaps and glove sanitizers which can be used with VWR® MicroDispenser Touch-Free Soap Dispenser.

NovaClenz™ Instant Hand Sanitizer

Highly effective, fast-acting instant hand sanitizer ideal for use under gloves. Contains 65% minimum ethanol which helps to prevent viral transfer. Requires no sink, water, or towels. Effective against bacteria, including: pseudonomas, salmonella, and staphylococcus and reducing nosocomial infections.

AquaHol™ Sterile Isopropyl Alcohol Glove Sanitizer for Touch-Free Dispenser

Sterile hand and glove sanitizer comprised of 70% isopropyl alcohol with 30% WFI quality purified water. Ideal for use over gloves prior to entering into aseptic areas. Meets USP requirements. Terminally filtered to 0.1 microns and gamma irradiated. Certificate of Sterility.

Hy-G-Clenz™ Antiseptic Hand Soap

Anti-microbial soap made with 0.13% Benzalkonium Chloride and natural emollients. Kills germs and leaves hands feeling soft and smooth. Persistent activity for up to three hours. Ideal for frequent hand washing.

NovaDyne™ pH Balanced General Purpose Lotion Hand Soap

Gentle yet effective general purpose hand soap for use in office and general industrial spaces.

About Face™ Pre-moistened Cleansing Wipes

Individually packaged poly-blend cleansing wipe that is pre-moistened with a gentle, alcohol-free cleansing lotion, designed for the face and hands. Highly effective as a make-up remover; ideal for pre-gown rooms.