Microscope Buyer's Guide

Need help finding the right microscope model for your classroom and lab application but not sure where to start?

Our microscope buyer's guide and resources make it easy to find the microscope models that meet your needs. Compare optics, mechanics, design, and digital resolution for every level of study. Learn more below.

Boreal Microscope Warranty; Best in the Industry

Life-Time Warranty; No-Cost, No Hassle Warranty

Our extraordinary, all inclusive lifetime warranty covers all Boreal Microscope repairs beginning form the day you first receive your Boreal Microscope. It covers any defect in materials or workmanship for the life of the microscope with no restrictions on ownership. If anything goes wrong with your Boreal Microscope (with exception of light bulbs, fuses, routine cleaning and normal wear). we will repair it if necessary (at our discretion).

All repairs are done by our in-house staff of trained technicians. All repairs are performed at no cost to you. There is no charge for parts or labor. If your Boreal Microscope needs to be shipped back to us, we provide everything you will need to do so. We even cover the cost of shipping and handling - both from you to us, and back. There is never a charge for any of these services.