Any Chemical, Any Time

Any Chemical, Any Time

All the chemicals you need, all in one place

Ward's Science has all the chemicals you need, all in one place - ready to ship in 48 hours or less*

Save time and stock your chemical with Ward's Chemicals. We carry the largest selection of laboratory-grade chemicals in quantities and solutions designed for chemistry education. From high school chemistry and middle school physical science, to introductory and advanced college chemistry, you'll find chemicals for every grade level, all in one place.

All Ward's Chemicals Are:

Every chemical meets the latest GHS chemical label and SDS requirements outlined by OSHA.

Color-Coded for Safe and Easy Storage
Quickly organize and locate your chemicals on the shelf by hazard level and compatibility.

Prepared in Classroom-Friendly Quantities and Solutions
Save money and eliminate waste with convenient quantities and common solution preparations.

Ready to Ship in 48 Hours or Less
Our chemicals are always in stock and ready to ship, so your chemistry lessons never have to wait.

Don't Waste Time Mixing and Measuring.

We Have the (Prepared) Solution.

We carry many common solution preparations, pre-mixed, measured, and bottled to save you time. And if you can't find the solution you need from our wide selection, we can prepare a custom solution just for you. Contact to learn more and request a custom solution preparation.

Looking for Research and Clinical-Grade Chemicals?

In addition to the education-grade chemicals you see here, we have access to over 300,000 research and clinical-grade chemicals from global lab supplier, VWR. We can help you find what you need and place an order.

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*Items are shipped within 48 hours of ordering when order is received electronically or by phone prior to 1:00pm EST. In-stock promise and 48-hour shipping time excludes hazardous chemicals and exceptional order quantities which will be made available at lead time. Availability subject to change in the event of natural disaster or forces of nature affecting sourcing, shipping, transportation, or availability of living materials required for producing saleable goods. Ward's Science will contact the customer directly to communicate the occurrence of such an event and provide alternative materials when available. Current stock and availability for all products available online on every product page.