Sartorius Pipette Tips

For accurate and precise results, you need tips designed to match your pipette. Sartorius Optifit Tips and SafetySpace™ Filter Tips are designed and manufactured to fit perfectly on our pipettes and ensure leak free, tight sealing for maximum pipetting accuracy and reproducibility. The color coding of the tip trays help to easily find the matching color-coded Sartorius pipette. Because of their universal design they also match with most other pipettes

Strict quality standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, are followed from tip R&D to production and delivery. The purity certified tips are manufactured in ISO 8 classified clean room conditions to avoid any contaminations and are tested for DNase, RNase and endotoxins per each tip lot. Pre-sterilized tips are also available for the purest laboratory work.

Optifit Tips

Optifit tips ensure perfect fitting and leak-tight sealing on Sartorius pipettes for maximum pipetting accuracy and reproducibility. The color coding of the tip trays enables you to easily find the matching color-coded Sartorius pipette. Moreover, Optifit tips are manufactured in an ISO 8 certified cleanroom environment.

SafetySpace™ Filter Tips

SafetySpace™ Filter Tips have more space between the sample and the filter than do conventional filter tips. This virtually eliminates the risk of an expensive or a contagious sample permeating the filter.

The safety space feature is particularly useful in pipetting foaming liquids such as buffers and proteins, pipetting solvents, multiple dispensing functions of electronic pipettes, reverse pipetting and any other application requiring extra space in the tip

The tips are made of virgin polypropylene and the filter of polyethylene without "self-sealing" additives to avoid any interference with the sample and the results. The filter barrier helps protect against cross-contamination of the sample and/or the pipette and reduces the need for pipette maintenance. The filter tips are available in multiple volumes from 10 µl to 1200 µl and are packed in color coded single tray racks. They are DNase, RNase and endotoxin free certified and pre-sterilized.

The filter barrier and the certified purity make the filter tips ideal for molecular biology, microbiology, cell culture applications and radioactive work.

Sartorius Low Retention Tips

Sartorius Low Retention Tips feature an even and durable liquid-repellent surface for maximizing your sample recovery and eliminating the loss of your expensive reagents. Detergent-containing liquids with a low surface tension slide off easily from the inside surface of the tip, leaving very little residue behind. This Low Retention feature is useful in applications where such viscous, detergent containing, liquids are often pipetted: PCR, real-time PCR, cloning, SDS-PAGE and other nucleic acid or protein analysis methods.

The ergonomic, light tip attachment and ejection, secured by tip compatibility with the Optiload feature of Sartorius pipettes are all important benefits. Environment friendly materials are used in the tips, trays and racks and are 100% recyclable or can be incinerated as energy waste. The tip identification and traceability on rack labels indicate the tip volume, product number, lot number and purity level.