Calibration Express

Sartorius Liquid Handling mail-in pipette calibration services are designed to provide high-quality pipette calibration with simplified options. Transit boxes and forms combine with a 48 hour turnaround time at a state-of-the-art ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory. Pipette services by Sartorius feature:

  • Computer Generated Calibration Certificates
  • Evaluation Against Manufacturer’s Known Tolerances for Systematic and Random Error
  • Pipettes Receive a Calibration Sticker with the Service Date and Next Recommended Calibration Date
  • Secure Transit Cartons for Each Shipment
  • Simplified Service and Decontamination Forms
  • Calibration Services For all Pipette Makes and Models

Once ordered from, Sartorius will ship a blank pipette carton to the end user (at no extra cost to customer) with the required paperwork. Paperwork includes Decontamination Form and customer return address information, which must then be packaged with the pipettes in the carton. Customer then ships the carton to the Satorius lab (at customer's own shipping cost- address provided). After completion of the service, Satorius will ship the calibrated pipettes with the box to the end user (at no extra cost to customer) with Calibration Certificates and Calibration stickers affixed to each pipette.